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Unlock Your Potential

Simply the best introductory course in Massage Therapy. Learn how to become a skilled Practitioner in only 8 weeks.

“This course truly has taught me so much and made me muchmore confident as a massage therapist.”

Nakita H..


Practical curriculum in 5 modalities, directed by our experienced Massage Instructor. All text resources are provided and shared through digital files, documents and videos. Each participant has access to a private Online Student Portal including all downloadable classroom material

Study the Foundation of Anatomy

Explore the principles of Anatomy and Physiology and the 13 major systems of the body. Examine and apply the principles of Kinesiology and Pathology, and review life-saving First Aid practices. Demonstrate your proficiency through graded assignments and tests.

Nationally Registered

Achieve an industry recognized certification. Studio Massage Institute has been granted registered status by The National Accreditation & Equivalency Council of The Bahamas. Registered status solely indicates that the Program has currently satisfied requirements as stated by NAECOB.

student reviews

Before enrolling, learn about the course from the unbiased reviews and rankings of current and former participants.

I was searching for a course and this one was everything that I needed. I can't express how happy I was to have found this course. The course was well organised, well structured and affordable. Kenny is very thorough, professional and very detailed in explaining the information in such a simple way. I learned a lot from this course and was motivated to invest in bettering myself as a massage therapist. “

Lorette C.

“I’ve done many courses over the past few years and this is one of the most organised and well structured courses as well as affordable. I feel extremely lucky to have had Kenny as a lecturer. His teaching capabilities are brilliant and well put together. His knowledge in this career path is amazing and very in depth and detailed with full access ro a student portal providing tons of information to assist us in our studies. He is extremely good at breaking down the different modalities and explaining things in ways we can understand and is clearly invested in us bettering ourselves. He is not only professional but his attitude is extremely pleasant and made the learning environment so relaxed and comfortable. This course truly as taught me so much and made me much more confident as a massage therapist. “

Nakita H.

The knowledge of my professor was exemplary and extensive. He is very thorough and professional in his execution of all aspects of the curriculum. I highly, with great regard recommend this course and his services to any and all. “

Anton M.

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Introductory course in Massage Therapy. Study the principles of Massage Therapy, Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology and Pathology. Learn life-saving First Aid practices and demonstrate your proficiency through graded assignments and tests.

This detailed course is offered to the massage professional seeking clear and concise instructions and treatment methods for managing mild lymphedema through the application of Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

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To learn more or to enroll, visit our course website at smiedu.org