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Top 5 Massages to book while in Nassau Bahamas

Picture this: you’re on vacation, and you’re looking for a way to add an unforgettable experience to your list of memories. What to do? You book a mobile massage in Nassau Bahamas of course! The convenience of receiving quality,  massage therapy without leaving the comfort of your hotel room, yacht, home or Airbnb (see a selection of Airbnb’s in Nassau here). 

“Massage therapy – the original mood enhancer. Time spent getting a massage is never wasted.”


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5. Chair Massage

The benefits of chair massage range from a combination of Shiatsu and Myofascial techniques, aimed at targeting and addressing restrictions in soft tissues. These sessions are often performed with the client dressed, making it an ideal option for guests who are hesitant about receiving their first massage, or are uncomfortable booking a full body massage.  It is also a convenient choice for offering effective, targeted, upper-body work in almost any setting. It is often selected by corporate clients, teams or companies hosting or attending vacation retreats, seminars or conferences in The Bahamas, as part of their list of activities, events or incentives.

4. Reflexology Therapy

A modality we consider to be a hidden gem, visitors are often surprised at how relaxing and rewarding a session can feel, even though it’s not a traditional full body service. Reflexology is based on the principles of Qi (also ki or ch’i), the meridians in which qi flows, and zones created by the flow of qi throughout the body that reflex on the feet, hands, ears and even tongue. Application of pressure to reflex points, most commonly on the feet, releases blocked energy pathways. Pairing a traditional Reflexology, with non-traditional myofascial techniques, delivers the perfect combination of relaxation, energetic work and pain relief. 

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3. Deep Tissue Massage

Athletes deserve a vacation too. Not every massage session is guided by deep breathes, scented oils, or energetic work.  Deep Tissue Massage is the application of sports therapy and myofascial release in a therapeutic environment. Each session can incorporate a combination of techniques and tools that address recurring injuries, impingements, myofascial restrictions, and muscular imbalances, to provide relief and aid recovery while vacationing.

2. Hot Stone Massage

Oil, check. Music, check. Hot stones – priceless. 

Basalt stones are igneous rocks formed from rapid cooling lava exposed  to the earth’s surface, and are known for their natural ability to retain heat. The stones are heated, applied to the body, and become extensions of the Therapist’s hands. The porous, smooth surface of the stones provide a superior glide. Their shape fits naturally in the palms of the Practitioner’s hands, and provide an even distribution of heat when used in a massage. The heat increases blood flow to the tissue and  is a natural pain-reliever. The stones can also be used as tools for deeper myofascial work or placed on the chakras to promote balance and clarity.

1. Swedish Massage

Known as the standard for western massage therapy, the Swedish Massage remains one of the most popular modalities in the industry for it’s versatility and adaptability. Each session can be customized to address almost any therapeutic issue, for any client. It incorporates light to medium pressure, as well as superficial to deep techniques, to address knots, adhesions, subjective tightness, sore muscles, swelling, minor pain, discomfort and more. It is often paired with essential aromatherapy oils, ambient sounds, and calming techniques to relieve, relax, and renew. The list of benefits goes on and on. It’s easy to see why this modality remains a favorite of both Practitioners and Visitors, and why it deserves the number #1 spot on our list.

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