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Male Mobile Spa Massage Therapist giving a relaxing massage on tropical beach in Nassau Bahamas

Kenny, Certified Massage Therapist

Studio Massage brings leading expertise and quality, mobile therapeutic services to you with nearly 20 years of experience. We offer clear, accurate assessments in a comfortable and relaxed setting, and advice that extends beyond a session. Each client is accommodated with professionalism, punctual service times and a courteous Practitioner.
Massage Table on tropical relaxing tranquil beach in Nassau Bahamas Studio Massage


Mobile Male spa massage therapist on a tropical beach in nassau bahamas studio massage

Meet Kenny

Massage Massage Therapist on Relaxing Beach in Nassau Bahamas



Our unique approach, carefully prepares a selection of massage and scented essential oils, ambient music and enhancements allowing clients to completely customize their service.

Try our soothing Swedish Massage or opt for more invigorating treatments with our Deep Tissue or Sports Massages. Seeking a more holistic therapy? Embrace our Reflexology technique, our Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage or sample the Indian Chair Massage to reduce stress and fatigue and improve your mental clarity. Whatever your needs, there’s a service for any patron.

Male receiving massage from therapist on tropical relaxing beach in Nassau Bahamas Studio Massage

Or call us at 1 (242) 428-8996 to speak with our mobile Massage Therapist in Nassau Bahamas

Your Comfort & Safety

We've taken extra care to ensure your comfort and safety. All equipment is sanitized before each session and you are welcomed to use your personal linens to dress your massage table. Your Practitioner's hands are cleansed thoroughly upon arriving for each session.

Give stress a permanent vacation and say goodbye to knots and irritable pressure points, as they melt away.

Swedish Massage

The traditional form of manipulating the muscles to reduce stress and muscle tension, and calm the nervous system to achieve relaxation.

90.00 | 60mins
130.00 | 80mins
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

A sacred (Pule) Hawaiian massage that focuses on a healing touch and the air (Ha) we breathe in as the breath of life (Aloha). Using a combination of continuous, flowing, rhythmic and circular techniques, sacred music and nut oils are combined with deep breathing to restore energy and soothe the body. - Mahalo -

90.00 | 60mins
Biofreezeā„¢ Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

Ease discomfort from strains and long term injuries to promote a speedy recovery or prepare muscles for physical activity. Biofreezeā„¢ signature pain-relieving gel cools, soothes, relaxes and relieves muscle pain effectively.

110.00 | 60mins
150.00 | 80mins
Reflexology Therapy

A Chinese system applying pressure to points on the hands and feet to release stress and tension throughout the body.

60.00 | 30mins
Thai Yoga Massage

A healing modality born in Thailand with a therapeutic style of massage combining soft tissue manipulation techniques, assisted yoga postures, breathing and meditation to bring the body into a state of deep relaxation and energetic balance.

90.00 | 60mins
Indian Head & Chair Massage

Rooted in ancient Ayurvedic medicine, this head massage combines scented essential oils and techniques that include strokes and acupressure points, to relieve accumulated tension, stimulate circulation, reduce stress and fatigue and improve mental clarity.

60.00 | 30mins

Choose from a selection of massage or essential oils to add an aromatic experience.

Essential Oils

Lavender - A Deeper Relaxation
Peppermint - Invigorating
Eucalyptus - A Breath of Fresh Air
Chamomile - Beauty Benefits
Tea Tree - Medicinal

Massage Oils

Grapeseed - For Hydration
Almond - For Silky Smooth Skin
Olive Oil - For Improved Elasticity
Coconut Oil - Hydration

Sounds & Enhancers

The perfect session needs the perfect music selection.


New Age
Guided Meditation



Choose Your Therapy

Customized moods to choose from.

The ideal session for the weary commuter seeking relief from extended travel, with a blend of eucalyptus oil, Swedish Massage and an invigorating foot scrub.

120.00 | 60mins
155.00 | 80mins
In Love

Perfect for couples seeking a uniquely romantic gift. Deliver an amazing massage to your partner. Learn techniques and proper ergonomics with guided, hands-on instructions for ease and understanding, enhanced with peppermint oil for a truly aromatic experience.

180.00 | 80mins

Success can be hard but we have the perfect stress reliever for the hard worker. Target knots and aching muscles with a stimulating Deep Tissue Massage. Relax and unwind with the help of scented Lavender and awake to an invigorating foot massage.

175.00 | 80mins
245.00 | 120mins


Monday - Friday |7:30pm-10:00pm
Saturday & Sunday | 10:00am - 10:00pm

Relief Begins Here

That knot won't go away on its own.
Contact us to book your mobile massage in Nassau Bahamas.
For immediate assistance, we're just a phone call away at 1 (242) 428-8996.

I felt so relaxed on his table.

Kenny helped relieve my neck & back aches from traveling. I would definitely recommend Kenny! He was very professional & gave a great massage. I loved he travelled to my Airbnb & I didn't have to leave.

M. Fors
Massage Therapist, USA

Instant Relief

All my life my back has been an issue, I know it needs maintenance and I am glad I found you.

K. C.

A Seasoned Professional

I'd definitely recommend Kenny for getting a massage. His knowledge of massage therapy and bodywork is staggering. He's a seasoned professional beyond his years. Simply brilliant.

R. Saxton
Licensed Massage Therapist, USA